Reseach Facilities

Name Spec
Mode locked Ti:Sapphire pulse laser system Pulse width ~70 fs, Tunable wavelength 700~950 nm
Pulse nitrogen laser and dye laser Pulse width 5 ns, Tunable wavelength 370~700 nm
Pulse YAG laser Pulse width 10 ns, Wavelength 1063, 532, 355, 266 nm
LD-pumped pulse YAG laser SHG type: Pulse width 800 ps, 532 nm
THG type: Pulse widht 10 ns, 355 nm
Ar+ ion laser Output power: 2W
Photoreflectance measurement system Measurement range: 300~1500 nm
Femto second time-resolved pump-probe system Resolution <100 fs
Time resolved photoluminescence spectroscopy system (Streak camera) Resolution 20 ps, Measurement range 200~850 nm
Photoluminescence spectroscopy system Measurement range 180~1500 nm, Photon counting and multi-channel measurement
Raman spectroscopy system Resolution 0.2 cm-1, Photon counting and multi-channel measurement
Double beam spectorphotometer Measurement range 200~1500 nm
Scintillation spectroscopy system Excitation source: x-ray (CuKa)
Crosed cycle helium-gas cryostat Tunable temperature: 4^300K
x-ray diffractmeter
Atomic Force Microscope (AFM)
Ultra high vacuum deposition chamber 1‚˜10-9 Torr
High vacuum deposition chamber 1x10-6 Torr@x4
RF sputtering chamber
Bridgeman furnace <1100Ž